How To Care For Your Furniture

 Each item of furniture is handcrafted with great care. We use traditional techniques to ensure strength and longevity of the product and this together with natural features such as knots, grain and colour variation ensures that each piece is individual. With proper care and maintenance, Artisanal Abode’s products will have you satisfied for years.

We recommend the following measures for proper care and maintenance:


  • We recommend regular dusting of your furniture with a soft cloth to maintain the appearance of your furniture. You may occasionally wipe the furniture with a lightly dampened soft cloth using a mild detergent, and dry it immediately with a lint-free cloth.
  • You may also use a beeswax furniture polish from a reputable supplier for wooden furniture.
  • Kindly avoid repeated use of a wooden polish containing silicone, accumulation of which can result in alteration of the appearance of a furniture item.
  • We recommend that you opt for periodic professional cleaning services for effective maintenance of upholstered pieces. For at-home care, vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove dust. Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight to minimise fading of colours.
  • Spills on furniture should be removed immediately by blotting with a dry white cloth. In case of stains, we recommend getting these cleaned from a professional sofa cleaning agency.
  • Glass or mirrored panels should be cleaned using a non solvent based glass cleaner and soft cloth, carefully avoiding contact with wooden or painted sections.


  • We recommend careful lifting and movement of heavy furniture to avoid scratches or markings on delicate flooring, as well as to avoid damage to the furniture itself.
  • In case of chairs, avoid leaning backwards on two legs of the chair as it can result in weakening of the joints of the products. We also recommend you to avoid bringing the furniture into contact with sharp objects such as toys, buckles and heels.
  • We recommend that you avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes or beauty products as these can damage the finish of the furniture.
  • We recommend going for professional help to repair or restore stains, scratches or chipping, or any other damage to the furniture in due course.
  • Artisanal Abode will not be responsible for defects caused by the misuse of the furniture in future.

Leveling, Assembly & Moving of Products

  • Place your furniture on a level surface for doors to hang and open smoothly.
  • Products with doors usually come with adjustable hinges or wedges if such products are not placed on a level floor to square the doors.
  • Re – Check leveling of products, and feel free to use suitable packaging material to level the position in case furniture is moved.
  • We recommend that products be moved and lifted by two or more people instead of dragging the furniture across the floor, which will cause damage to the joints.
  • Large furniture items assembled on site must be disassembled while relocating and reassembled at the new site. Self assembly products should be assembled and carefully moved to the desired location.

Exposure To Sunlight & Heat

  • Avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat like, for example, exposure to a radiator, to avoid cracking of the furniture. We recommend keeping a minimum of 30 cm of distance from heating devices.
  • Direct sunlight will cause the colour of real wood to change, even if it is painted or lacquered, this will be more readily apparent if the furniture is placed under a window.
  • Leaving ornamental pieces on the furniture for longer periods will create a distinct mark on the furniture. Similarly, placing hot tableware on the furniture directly can leave permanent marks on the furniture, hence we recommend you use table-mats and coasters.
  • Prolonged use of any equipment such as a laptop may cause scorching due to the device heat.

Features Of Natural Wood

Wood is a natural material with its unique texture and properties, which should not be mistaken as flaws. Please note:

  • Shading and grain: Each piece of wood has a different grain pattern, as well as a different shade or variation in colour. This can cause shading, grain and colour differences in different units of the same product.
  • Knots: Another natural property of all real wood furniture, knots do not hamper the performance of wooden products – they only add character to each piece.
  • Medullary Rays: Markings are created along the lines where wood is cut across the grain, creating unique features such as growth rings and flecks.

Clearances / Sales

These sales are considered as final sales, and are hence non-returnable and non-refundable.

Fabric Upholstery

To help prolong the life of your upholstery fabric or leather please consider the following:


  • We recommend periodic cleaning of upholstered pieces to prevent premature fading of fabric.
  • Preferably clean colour-coordinated items at the same time, as loss of colour can occur with some fabrics.
  • Use gentle vacuuming to remove everyday dirt and dust.
  • Regularly clean the upholstery with a soft cloth or brush to clean atmospheric dirt and dust.
  • Spills on furniture should be removed immediately by blotting with a dry white cloth. Avoid using abrasives for cleaning. In case of stains, we recommend getting these cleaned from a professional sofa cleaning agency.


  • We recommend that you prevent sharp objects such as toys, buckles and heels from coming in contact with upholstered pieces. We also recommend that you avoid having pets climbing on such pieces or clawing on the upholstered section.
  • Fabric exposed to fumes from cigarettes or cooking can fade or change the colour, so we recommend that you avoid doing the same in close proximity to the furniture pieces. 
  • We recommend that you avoid sitting on the arms, or edges of the furniture to avoid distortion or damage to its form. Pushing feet against or placing them on the arms may cause damage to the arm or frame.
  • Place furniture gently in place when moving it, as dropping onto glides or legs may cause it damage.
  • Avoid letting kids jump on the furniture, as it would result in damaging the frame and invalidate the guarantee of the furniture’s longevity.
  • We recommend wooden and delicate flooring is protected from possible marking by feet or castors.

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