Bangalore, the Garden City of India is a cosmopolitan paradise. Inspired by the vast cultural influences on India’s art and crafts through the years, Artisanal Abode’s contemporary luxury home furniture makes your day to day living experience even better.

Range of Solid Wood Personalised Furniture Designs In Bangalore

Artisanal Abode’s website has bespoke modern furniture designs that are handmade, available for delivery in Bangalore as well as across India. Our designs are handcrafted using materials like solid wood, veneer, mdf and laminate for our products. The website has a range of Artisanal Abode’s signature solid wood tables, sofa sets, armchairs, benches, pouffes and more, and these can be customised with finishes and fabrics of your choice.

Range of Upholstered Luxury Home Furniture In Bangalore

Your search for elegant luxury home furniture upholstered with fabric in Bangalore ends here. Shop unique premium furniture online, upholstered in the best fabrics like suede, leather, velvet, microfiber and so on on Artisanal Abode’s online store.

Range of Customised Marble & Metal Furniture In Bangalore

Inspired by the various art movements across the past century, Artisanal Abode in Bangalore offers a range of contemporary marble and metal furniture options through the online store at Our lifestyle furniture studio has tables made using marble, semi precious stones like mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, blue agate, malachite and brass inlays.

Stylish Accents & Premium Handcrafted Furniture In Bangalore

  • Living Room Furniture: Artisanal Abode’s premium furniture available online can be used in the form of accents for the living room. Find unique side table designs, coffee tables, centre table designs, sofa sets, benches and pouffes in Bangalore.
  • Bedroom Furniture: Find personalised furniture designs for the bedroom on Artisanal Abode’s online store. Shop for fully upholstered beds, accent chairs and armchairs, benches, side table designs, pouffes, designer mirrors and more for the bedroom.

For The Love of Craftsmanship

The handcrafted creations at Artisanal Abode are soulfully crafted, reflecting a refined mood, and fuse age-old traditional techniques and production skills with modern design aesthetics.

Artisanal Abode works with some of the finest craftsmen from around the country to reintroduce traditional techniques like Bidriware, Metal Ware, Gold Leafing, Inlay Work, Wood Carving, Hand Quilting and Hand Weaving in a unique and contemporary way. These techniques have been passed down several generations, and remain equally appreciated in the luxury home furniture at Artisanal Abode.

Artisanal Abode aims to celebrate and preserve the heritage crafts of Indian artisans through its designs. Personalised furniture designs with an interesting story behind each piece, our online store that delivers in Bangalore offers various customisation options to handcrafted furniture designs in upholstery, material and finishes used. Get in touch with us at or +91 762 020 9224 for any queries.


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